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Possibility of recovering Mac data

You keep storing irreplaceable files on your Mac hard drive and fill up this drive with work documents or financial data. In the event that you face data loss due to deletion or other reason, these files go missing from your hard drive. To make matters worse, you empty your Trash only to have all the data disappeared into the ether. The fact of the matter is all your deleted files are still intact in their original place and you stand a good chance of recovering these files using a commercial tool like Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery.
Let’s discuss the possibility of recovering Mac data with Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery in various data loss instances as shown below:

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File Corruption
File corruption is a fair occurrence on Mac that mostly occurs because of damage to the file header. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery will recover such files without fixing any corruption, so you still cannot open files after performing recovery and regain access to your data.
Unmounted Volumes
When your volumes do not mount, there are minimal chances of recovering data. The only case when you can perform recovery is that the software recognizes your physical Mac disk. In this case, you can search lost volumes or perform Raw Recovery to reclaim your inaccessible files.
Formatted Media
Due to media formatting or reformatting, the operating system loses index entries corresponding to all the stored files on the drive. However, if you do not use your affected drive, there is a good chance of performing complete Mac data recovery with this tool.
Overwritten Data
Minimum use of the affected storage media increases the likelihood of recovering complete Mac data even after facing data loss. If you continue using your Mac after the disaster and your data gets overwritten, you cannot undelete files using Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery.
Wiped Hard Drive
Disk wiping erases all sensitive information on your hard drive beyond the scope of recovery by any data recovery program. If wiping involves multiple passes, then you are doomed to face complete data loss.
Recovering Files with Names
Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery has a knack of recovering recently deleted files with their original names. With this feature, it becomes easy for you to analyze data and choose select files for final recovery.

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