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Recover data from external devices

As data volumes continue to explode, business and home users require the support of external storage to meet their ever-increasing requirements. External storage devices are a kind of stand-alone devices that are plugged into your computer USB ports for transferring data back and forth. The primary advantage of external media is these devices can be easily carried from one place to another. External devices are also used as a safe destination for storing data backups. Mac users commonly use portable hard drives, USB drives, memory cards, and Time Machine as an external media.

Your data is not secure even on external storage devices and you will sooner or later find yourself stuck with a data loss issue when using external media for data storage. Let’s walk you through different types of external media and their corresponding data loss scenarios:

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External Hard Drives
Like your Mac internal drive, external hard drives are at risk of data loss due to more than the obvious reasons. When using an external or removable drive, you may lose your irreplaceable files to accidental deletion, media formatting, virus infection, and more.

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery provides ‘Drive Recovery’ module that is capable of scanning all types of external hard drives using FireWire, eSATA, USB, or Ethernet interface. It can safely recover all data stored on these drives and save them to a location of your choice. The software detects external media on-the-fly so that you do not require rerunning the tool after connecting your external drive.

Memory Cards
Data loss is long known to be a typical issue with memory card users. This can be attributed to a variety of card errors that show up due to media corruption, accidental reformatting, or improper usage. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery is invaluable in cases of memory card data loss.

The software easily detects and displays your memory card attached to the computer. To reclaim your lost files, you need to scan the affected card with ‘Drive Recovery’. The tool can successfully restore lost files from a range of memory cards, including SD card, CF card, XD Picture card, SmartMedia card, and more. Besides common file types, the application supports recovering images with camera-specific RAW formats.

Optical Media
Data loss on optical discs results more often from software-related reasons than physical damages. If something interrupts your recording session or the process is aborted, corruption may occur to the file system, making some of your files inaccessible. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery comes as a data rescuer in such times of crisis.

The software can deal with any sort of damage or corruption on the optical media to rescue your inaccessible files without tampering with their format and file structure. The tool provides ‘CD/DVD Recovery’ module to help you accomplish this task. Using this feature, you can perform recovery from CDs, DVDs, HD DVDs, and Blu-ray discs.

Time Machine & Encrypted Drives
Time Machine drive is an external hard drive that is used to set up incremental backup using Time Machine application in Mac OS X. This drive create images of your entire Mac hard disk drives and easily restores files, folders, even complete OS X. Unfortunately Time Machine drive can also go through deletion, formatting and inaccessibility. All these incidents will lead to loss of data on Time Machine drive. But Stellar Phoenix Mac data recovery V7.0 empowers user to recover back deleted, formatted and inaccessible files from an Apple Time Machine hard disk drives. This helpful software also restores deleted, lost data from an Encrypted hard disk drives.

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