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Mountain lion data recovery

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Recover data from Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Mac OX Mountain Lion integrates a good deal of functionality from iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch to breathe a new life into your Mac. Now, you can take advantage of the Game Center and iMessages. You can use iCloud to sync data across multiple iOS devices. Some major enhancements seen in the latest Mac OS X Mountain Lion are listed below:

  • Using iCloud, you can have a better experience with your iOS devices. It is easy to set up iCloud in Mail, Contacts, Messages, Safari, and more. When you edit a document in the Cloud, all the changes made will reflect on all your iOS devices.
  • With the new Notes features, you can have everything (including photos, movies, and links) at your fingertips. You can keep important notes on your desktop so that they are easy to access.
  • With Gatekeeper (a logical extension of the App Store), you can keep your Mac from installing any piece of software from untrusted sources. This helps you avert a number of attacks from malicious sources
  • Mountain Lion lets you dictate anywhere you can type. With its built-in system-wide speech recognition capability, you can accelerate and improve your interaction with the computer.
  • The Notification Center helps you stay updated with the new stuff in a more organized manner. You can keep track of new emails, calendar events, and reminders.

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Issues with OS X Mountain Lion
Like Mac OS X Lion, OS X Mountain Lion also has a set of vulnerabilities and bugs that are fixed in the succeeding minor updates like 10.8.1, 10.8.2, and 10.8.7. Some of these issues are described below:

  • Audio stuttering on 2011 iMacs
  • Changed desktop picture after logout or restart
  • Unexpected shutdown of certain apps due to a file URL
  • Compatibility issues with IMAP servers in the Notes app
  • Incorrect screen display after waking from screen

When you move to Mac OS X Mountain Lion from a lower version, you will experience a fair share of issues on your new Mac. For the most part, you may be facing speed problems. In other cases, you might see some files and applications go missing from your system. This is because OS X Mountain Lion is capable of identifying the things that are incompatible with the new OS. As a consequence, you might face severe data loss on Mac OS X Mountain Lion.

Data Recovery on Mac OS X Mountain Lion
In order to recover data in Mac OS X Mountain Lion, you can use Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery. This comprehensive utility can safely rescue your important files in Mac OS X Mountain Lion no matter how they were lost. The software uses non-invasive, non-destructive methods to scan your hard drive and recover files with their exact original names. With this data recovery application on hand, you can give your best shot at retrieving lost or inaccessible data from Mac internal/external hard drives, iPods, optical media, and other removable media.

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