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Formatted Media Recovery

Hard drive formatting or reformatting is a fundamental part of Mac maintenance. If your storage media is formatted with a file system, the operating system can store information on this media. The process tends to remove inconsistencies from your system, such as viruses or programs that cause system conflicts. You can resolve performance issues and improve data access time by reformatting your hard drive periodically.

On the flip side, formatting makes you suffer from data loss. The process erases all the existing files on your hard drive and creates a new file table. A file table is used by Mac OS X to store the locations of all files and other associated metadata. However, formatting or reformatting does not lead to irrevocable data loss. There are odds that you can recover your data intact even after formatting. This is viable due to the fact that formatting does not cause data overwriting. Your data can be found at the same location (albeit invisible); only the file table is renewed.

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Mac Data Recovery from Formatted Hard Drives

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery helps you escape data loss due to formatting or reformatting of storage media. The application flawlessly handles your formatted hard drive, reads data from its internal sectors, and uncovers all the files that have disappeared from your drive. The software provides preview of all text, graphics, and multimedia files in the main interface. The easy-to-use program gives you the power to improve recovery time by sorting and filtering the list of files displayed after scanning. You can choose to recover data to a safe location in the system.

Follow the steps mentioned below to carry out formatted Mac data recovery using Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery application:

  • Run Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery. On the main screen, click ‘Start New Scan‘.
  • Select the media i.e. Macintosh HD and click Recover Data<<Advance Recovery.
  • Click Scan.
  • The software starts scanning the selected volume and displays recoverable data in the left pane. You can select any of the desired views (Classic List, File List, Filter List) for sorting files.
  • When you select a folder in the left pane, all files contained in this folder are listed in the bottom-right pane. Right-click a file and select ‘QuickLook‘ to preview its contents.
  • Select all the files and folders you need to recover and click ‘Recover‘ at the bottom. Provide a destination to save the recovered files and click ‘Choose‘.

After a successful recovery process, Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery saves all the chosen files to your specified destination.


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